High volume fondant creme or icing system with syrup blending option

High volume fondant creme or icing system with syrup blending option

Our Fondant Machines are designed to produce outstanding fondant crème, icing, or frosting. Rugged construction ensures years of low maintenance operation. All major components are fabricated from 304 or 316 stainless steel with dairy standard, sanitary welds. Only the most reliable motors, bearings and drives are engineered into these systems. The critical final syrup pumping, cooking and evaporation are accomplished using a single pass, high efficiency, stainless steel heat exchanger.

This proven design evaporator exposes syrup to elevated temperatures for less than 60 seconds, achieving a consistent end syrup temperature at the exact solids required.

This low residence time reduces inversion and sugar crystal browning. A water-clear, super-saturated solution exits the cooker and is gravity fed into the flash chamber and onto the drum for still cooling before entering the horizontal water jacketed beater. The still drum cooling does not agitate the super-saturated syrup and inhibits crystal development before the syrup enters the beater.

The cooled syrup undergoes continuous controlled agitation within a horizontal paddle blade mixer. Each blade's large, npitched surface area provides a uniform folding action. The solution is grained out creating a snowy-white mass with a uniform crystal size of 9-12 microns.


  • Production Sizes Available of 200-3000 kg/hr. (400 to 7000 lbs/hr.)
  • All stainless steel consturction
  • Advanced electrical of PLC control
  • Snowy-White Fondant Upto 9-12 micron average Suger Crystal Sizes*.
  • Suitable for 24 hour continuous operation
  • Advanced cooking/Evaporation system
  • Machines in operaiton thoroughout the world
  • Custom installation
  • Unnering production
  • Nearly maintenance free components