Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec, comprising of the Latini Products (Est. 1938), the Hohberger Products Company (Est. 1925) and the Dhimangroup (Est. 1944) is a leading global supplier to the confectionery industry, with four manufacturing plants, supplying and servicing over 40 countries. We are considered as the world's number one manufacturer of Flat Lollipop Machines and Candy Forming Machines, as far as the number of installations are concerned.

Our growing product line includes complete Batching, Blending, Cooking, Forming, Cooling, and Wrapping systems for Hard Candy; Traditional and fully automatic sugar or chocolate coating systems and the world's premier continuous fondant production system. With over 300 employees, Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec, Inc. consists of three Engineering units, a confectionery Research and Development unit cum Training centre.

Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec provides turnkey systems, including customized design, time sensitive installation and on-site operator training and start-up assistance, as well as on going maintenance and technical support services. Performance guarantees, equipment warranties and complete documentation accompany every Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec product.

Our facility in the Chicago, IL area is equipped with the most up to date production equipment to ensure top-notch quality and superior service. In response to the industry's needs, we have an engineering department dedicated to a solution based approach, in addressing the market's needs through a state of the art production of equipment. With over 70 years of industry experience, Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec is a good source for your engineering requirements, custom designs and candy making ventures. Our machines are designed for easy operability, maintenance and cleaning.

Whether purchasing quality equipment, designing new production machineries or looking to recondition an existing one, Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec is facing the industry's challenges head on, in meeting the objectives of every candy, bakery and cereal manufacturer.


Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec is continuously investing in state of the art design systems and software and has expanded our technical department with highly qualified engineers, to maintain and support our strong customer focus.

Our engineers are involved at the initiation of each project, from the planning process up to the design and customization stages. Our engineering staff is trained to better understand each customer's products and volume requirements and designs in cost efficient manufacturing solutions that maximize quality and yield.