Autocoater DBC 900/1200/1500

Conch cum refiner

Chocolate Moulding line


Autocoater DBC 900/1200/1500

Suitable to coat chocolate, yoghurt, peanuts, almond, raisen and dates. Easy to use and great saving on labour, space and cost compared to traditional pans.

Suggestion :- Latini Belt Coater available in different sizes is perfect machine to coat chocolate over various products like, Nuts, Dry Fruits, Cereals, Etc. The basic unit includes coating chamber, cooling with air blower system, chocolate spraying system, and automatic product un-loading feature.


  LHC - 36   LHC - 48 LHC - 60
Capacity 265 Lbs.(120 kg.)/ hr 550 Lbs.(250 kg.)/ hr 660 Lbs.(300 kg.) / hr
Power Load 3.5 kw. 3.5 kw.  3.5 kw. 
Production Volume (8ft) 0.23 m (15ft) 0.42 m (18ft) 0.51 m
Dimensions (LxWxH) 5'x6'x5'.6" (1525x1800x1700mm) 5'x8'x5'.6" (1525x2400x1700mm) 5'x9'x5'.6" (1525x2750x1700mm)