VLT-5 Cooling Tunnels

Latini five stage oscilating cooling tunnel is most suitable for cooling of spherical and cylinderical lollipops. The oscilating trays continuously move the product while transporting and cooling the lolipops to avoid flatning of shape. Fitted with elivator conveyor for space saving. This tunnel is available in open type atmospheric as well as refrigerated cooling with puff insulated panels.


  • Capacity: LCT-5 upto 4400 lbs ( 2000 kgs)/ 8 hr,LCT-5H upto 10,000 lbs ( 4500 kgs)/ 8 hr.
  • Net Weight: 1700 lbs (700 Kg.)
  • Gross Weight: 1900 Ibs (860 Kg.)
  • Dimensions: 190”x64”x76” (4820x1610x1930mm)